Image slicing gives us a good oportunity to greatly decrease overall size of the images and get nice balance between file size and image quality.

Let's see how to optimize the following image and reduce its overall file size. This is typical complex image containing solid colored areas with text information as well as full-colored areas.

With Image Splitter you can create rollover effects, in which different states of an image are activated when a viewer performs a mouse action (such as rolling or clicking) over a slice. You can display an animation as a rollover state. Image Splitter adds JavaScript code to a slice’s cell in the HTML table to specify rollover states.When you create a rollover state, you can select the mouse action which activates the state (except for the first state in a rollover, which is always the Normal state, displayed with no mouse action performed.) You can delete individual states or all states in a rollover. 


Create new Image Map and new HTML file at the same time -- all tags are automatically inserted in your NEW HTML document. 

1. Open the Map Designer program and select "FILE | NEW". 

2. BROWSE to the IMAGE you want to make a image map from, select it. 

Slicing makes it possible to create complex images for the Web. A slice is a rectangular area of an image which becomes a cell in an HTML table in the HTML file for the image.