Map Designer

HTML MapDesigner Pro is a client-side and server-side image mapping utility. It is an utility to simplify creation of clickable image maps. You can select from different area shapes and specify the URL as well as mouseover and target action. Map Designer supports area movemnet, custom area colors, freestyle shapes and more. It comes with a built-in visual HTML editor to edit the generated code if needed. Supports BMP, JPEG, GIF and PNG. Easy to use!

Image Splitter

All you need to prepare your images for Web

Image Splitter allows you to create Web-ready images by optimizing and slicing them. It can automatically select the most suitable image format (JPEG, GIF, or PNG) and gives you several options for optimization. You can also use this program to protect your online images from unauthorized downloading with Secure Image mode. In addition, you can slice a given image into smaller pieces so that it loads more quickly, with options for selecting a method of fragmentation. Other features include a batch processing facility, automatic color selection for "No Image" slices, and support for targeted events such as ALT, TARGET, OnMouseOver, and OnMouseOut.

HTML Protect Center

HTML Protect Center is a tool that allows you to protect your html documents from unauthorized copying/viewing. The program encrypts/encodes the source code of web pages, making it unavailable for using by others. In additional, Protect Center allows you to protect any html document with password. Along with standard page encoding Protect Center uses the well secure encryption algorithm, which makes the password protection really reliable.